JetGuard at PDAC Canada

We are excited about the upcoming Underground Operators Conference 2020 in Perth this month.

Unlike the other industry events, this is a trade show specifically about underground mining.

For us, this is a great opportunity to share news about our new JetGuard pump. This is a PumpEng product that is designed especially for underground environments where Shotcrete is used for wall reinforcement.

We are keen to talk about some of the impressive results we’ve had from our onsite trials of JetGuard. Consistent with the PumpEng values, we’ve been testing the pump performance in the toughest of sumps. These corrosive environments have destroyed competitor pumps in as little as two days.

To the surprise of one test site operator, the JetGuard pump was still performing months later. This type of longevity, from a pump operating in those circumstances, is a game-changer.

For you as a mining operator it means less production delays, lower maintenance costs and reduced risk due to fewer production delays, breakdown and replacement events.

For the team at PumpEng, this is further validation that the JetGuard design is fit for purpose and can outperform the other submersible dewatering pumps in the toughest of underground locations.

PumpEng is committed to taking an active role in coming up with problem-solving strategies for your site. For this reason, we are also looking forward to hearing about the challenges you are experiencing with your underground dewatering and coming up with solutions to address those issues.

If you are at UGOPS 2020 in Perth on 25-27 March, drop by our stand at Booth 21 and let us know how we can help with your dewatering challenges.

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