Underground Mine
Dewatering Pumps.
Next Generation Tough.

Underground Mine Dewatering Pumps.
Next Generation Tough.

PumpEng: Do It Different, Do It Right.

PumpEng: Do It Different,
Do It Right.

PumpEng is on a mission to redefine underground mine dewatering, prioritising excellence at every turn. Our commitment to innovation, reliability, availability, and personalised support throughout the product lifecycle ensures every mine operator a good day at work.

We are an Australian-based global Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) with a proud history of manufacturing and supplying tough submersible pumps to the underground and surface mining sector.

PumpEng is an Australian-based global Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) with a rich history of supplying submersible pumps to the mining sector. Renowned for excellence and innovative pumping solutions, we are a trusted global mining partner. Our core competencies include submersible pump design, manufacture, assembly and application guidance. A commitment to eco-friendly solutions reflects environmental responsibility.

Our client-centric approach fosters enduring partnerships worldwide, providing exceptional service and support. PumpEng upholds the highest standards and meets international regulations. PumpEng stands as a beacon of global OEM manufacturing, epitomising reliability, innovation, and customer-centricity for the mining sector. We’re available, supportive, innovative and consultative.

You are operating in a tough environment already, tramp and Shotcrete fibre makes it even tougher.

Dewatering pump failure is slowing you down.

You need pumps that are going to last in the harshest conditions.

JetGuard® pumps are your solution.

“The mine superintendent took me down the hole and showed me the JetGuard pump, and told me about its performance, and I was blown away.”

Tony Corkery, Project Manager Minterra Pty Ltd, part of Westgold Resources

PumpEng is an independent Australian company that designs, manufactures and services underground mine dewatering pumps for companies worldwide.

Are you tired of your underground mine dewatering pumps breaking down too often?

Are you frustrated by constant pump change outs and the costs of repairs?

PumpEng has professional people who can ensure your underground mine dewatering system uses the right pumps for the job.

The PumpEng Way supports your service crews and mine dewatering system to ensure you get value and efficiency.

Mining Pumps Engineered by Experts

Pump engineering is the heart of our business.

PumpEng has expert knowledge and experience in pump installation and engineering.

We ensure you have the right pump for the job.

Have A Good Day At Work

“My project engineer is extremely happy. He does all the figures. The superintendents, they’re the ones who convinced me to pursue this in the first place and suggested a PumpEng site-wide trial. They were extremely happy with the longevity of the sump pumps.”

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The PumpEng

This is a process to ensure the right pump is used for the job to give you a good day at work.

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Australian Pumps

These are designed, manufactured here in Australia and supported by a worldwide supply and service network. These pumps will redefine your expectations of pump life.

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Customer Service

Efficient. Accurate. Timely. Friendly.
Professional. Reliable.

“Yes, we’ve had the PumpEng people coming out to see us and giving us useful feedback. That has been brilliant. They have been working closely with us. The feedback and positive approach are excellent.”

Project Manager at Gold Mine

Can you imagine the peace of mind that comes from having a sustainable mine dewatering system?

Imagine a pump company that you can rely on.

Quality pumps, great service and support.

You’ll have fewer change outs giving you more time for other things.

What we are talking about here is a journey.

The journey to a good day at work.

Try Out Hire To Solve Your
Worst Pump in Your Worst Sump

Pumps Available for Hire Now

Rates Start At $15 Day

No Minimum Quantity

Sensible Fair Wear & Tear Policy.

“We were hoping to be able to
put in a pump and not have to
worry too much. So that’s a
green tick

Maintenance Supervisor at Redpath’s Queensland operation


Protect Production Schedules


Reduce Maintenance Costs


Improve Crew Safety

Improved Production

Extend Pump Life

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