PumpEng specialise in submersible pumps for use in mining, construction and industrial dewatering. Sales, hire, service, parts & repairs, proudly based in Australia.

Submersible Pump Specialist

PumpEng® is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of submersible pumps to the underground and surface mining sector and other specialty areas requiring fluid management. We are an Australian owned and operated company, and we pride ourselves on offering top-quality products and exceptional customer service to all our clients. Contact our knowledgeable staff to find out more.

Engineered for Australian Conditions

The PumpEng® range of submersible pumps has been specifically engineered and designed to offer optimal performance and to endure the tough conditions encountered in the Australian mining industry. In addition to our 1000v dewatering submersible pumps, we also offer a range of slurry, vortex, dirty water and slim line high head submersible pumps.

PumpEng® utilises a combination of it’s own manufacturing and joint venture alliances which allows us to make any improvements without having to overcome red tape or rely on secondary suppliers.

Service & Repairs and Parts

In addition to supplying submersible pumps to the market, we also service and repair them, ensuring product reliability and longevity.

As a manufacturer, we make sure that we carry sufficient parts for all our pumps without having to rely on external suppliers.

Pump parts are available that are interchangeable with other submersible pump manufacturers.

We lead the market with our guarantee of never over servicing your repairs.

PumpEng Submersible Pump Repairs

Pump Hire

PumpEng Submersible Pump Hire Category

Our submersible pumps are available for hire.

Collect them from our depots in Perth or Kalgoorlie, or for approved accounts we can arrange delivery Australia wide.

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The ScatPump Exchange Program

The PumpEng ScatPump exchange program saves our clients money and downtime on site. It also saves them spending on onsite labour needed to fix broken pumps. How It Works A client has a pump that breaks; they usually have a back-up which they put in the pit. They send the pump needing repair down to…

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All About PumpEng Free Trial Offer

Doing your research on submersible pumps using technical specs and theory can be hard work. There’s nothing quite like putting a pump to work and seeing how it performs in practice. We are confident about how our pumps operate in the field, so PumpEng is for a limited time offering a free trial for our…

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Scatpump Review Gold Mine Plant Pump

ScatPump Performance Reviewed In Gold Mining Trial

This is an interview with the Maintenance Superintendent for a gold plant about the recent trial of PumpEng ScatPumps on in his plant. Q. How do you describe your operation? We’re just a standard gold plant. We crush the rocks to pour in gold. Q. What were the problems you were having with your old…

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Underground Mining Pumps 2

Underground Mining Submersible Pumps

PumpEng Underground Mining Pumps 1

Industrial Submersible Pumps

Dewatering Submersible Pumps 3

Construction & Civil Submersible Pumps

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