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PumpEng specialises in tough submersible pumps for use in mining, construction and industrial dewatering. We have submersible pumps that can manage tramp, shotcrete fibre, slurry, dirty water and high-head requirements.

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Recent News

ScatPump Usage Nickel Mine by PumpEng

Submersible Pump Life Doubled at Nickel Concentrator

This is an interview with the Maintenance Superintendent at a Nickel Concentrator. Problem with Pump Failure We are a hard rock mine producing a nickel concentrate. The pumps we were using were not as efficient as we would have liked. They were very susceptible to product size and would block up all the time. It…

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Salty Water Dewatering Pump Mining

Mining Dewatering Pumps For Salty Water & Harsh Conditions

Grant Kemp is the Mining – General Foreman for Mining SXO Underground Operations at Minjar Gold Pty Ltd which is part of their Southern Cross Operations. In this interview, he discusses using PumpEng Raptor and MetalVest submersible pumps for their underground mine dewatering where managing water volume and extreme salinity were a challenge. Large Water…

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ScatPump by PumpEng in use at a Lithium Mine

Lithium Processing Plant Uses ScatPumps to Reduce Pump Maintenance

Stewart Bailey is the Area Manager – Process Infrastructure for Altura. The company is on track for the commissioning of its lithium processing plant in the Pilbara. In this interview, Stewart discusses deploying the ScatPump slurry submersible pumps to replace existing pumps that were struggling to handle the operating conditions. Can you describe your operation?…

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