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Submersible Pump Parts

PumpEng® offers a full range of services for submersible pumps including:

Spare parts

Pump repairs

Maintenance and servicing.

Part Supply & Continuous Improvement

PumpEng is an independent Australian company that designs, manufactures and services dewatering pumps for mining companies worldwide.  We service or repair your pump and carry all the necessary spare parts.

We strive to provide an efficient service with minimum downtime for your equipment and business. We also offer you full overhaul and rebuild facilities for our entire range of submersible pumps. Don’t wait for your equipment to fail. Speak with us about our continuous improvement approach to professional dewatering. The PumpEng Way is a problem-solving partnership to maximise the efficiency of your dewatering.

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Because of the high technology involved in the manufacture of our pumps, we have a programmable logic-controlled test facility to ensure the accurate measurement of all operating parameters.

When we rebuild a pump, we make sure that it is fully functional and performance tested on our test bed and in our hydraulic test tank. This ensures that when you re-install your pump, it works the first time, every time. Every pump that we supply, whether it’s new, repaired or refurbished, is tested to AS2417 specifications.

All Programmable Logic Control data sheets for individual pumps are logged and packed with the pump. This way, you know exactly how that individual pump performed under AS2417 testing.

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Pump repairs

PumpEng® offers you full overhaul and rebuild facilities for our entire range.

Programmable Logic Controlled test facility ensures accurate measurement of all operating parameters.

Each pump we rebuild is fully function and performance tested in our laboratory to ensure that when you install your pump it will work first time every time.

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Scheduled maintenance and servicing

Customers entering into a Service Exchange Agreement with PumpEng®, not only get the peace of mind that the Australian manufacturer of the Raptor is repairing your pump, but PumpEng® also support customers by supplying, FREE OF CHARGE, pumps for use on site.

Benefits for customers are never paying for hire pumps that don’t get used, no spare parts on site, customer always owns their asset, quicker pump rebuilds, maintenance staff repairing “big ticket” items and microchipping for full maintenance cost analysis.

For more information on this innovative solution to your asset management, please call PumpEng®.

The PumpEng Way

The PumpEng Way is a step by step process to identify the right tough submersible pump for the job. We work with;

Mine owner-operators

Major mining contractors

Process plants

Hard rock underground construction companies

The PumpEng Way