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Shotcrete Spraying BASF

The Adoption of Shotcrete in Australian Underground Mining

Over two decades, the use of Shotcrete in underground mining has grown rapidly in Australia due to its effectiveness in tunnel stabilisation. As the use of Shotcrete has increased, the industry has learned and improved. This article reviews the history of Shotcrete use in underground mines in Australia. It explores the early drivers, the challenges,…

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Sprayed Concrete Nozzle BASF

Why Shotcrete Testing Is Critical

Shotcrete Testing By Warren Mahoney Shotcrete testing is important because it ensures that the Shotcrete you are delivering is meeting the specification and will do the job the technical engineer has designed it to do. You need to ensure that you are supplying to that standard as a concrete producer and also as an applicator.…

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Nickel Mining Dewatering Pump

PumpEng Reducing Mine Dewatering Pump Replacement From 12 to 4 Per Year

In this interview, the Pumps Manager for a large West Australian underground nickel mine discusses his experience changing over to use PumpEng Raptor pumps. How would you describe your role? I manage the underground dewatering pump systems used in our underground nickel mine. What issues were you experiencing with your previous pump provider? They were…

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Underground Mining Drilling

Mining Supply Co-ordinator Says JetGuard Pump “By Far the Best I’ve Ever Seen”

In this interview, a Supply Co-ordinator for a West Australian underground mine discusses switching to PumpEng as the supplier for underground submersible dewatering pumps. He also gives feedback on a recent trial of the JetGuard pump. What were the problems you were having with the old submersible pumps? We weren’t getting significant life out of…

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Here Comes The JetGuard

A Quick Look At Why JetGuard Is So Good

Do you find it hard to get time to read all the technical material you’d like to? In this Information Age, we have access to a lot more data. Ironically it is coming to us in such quantity that we are often too busy to take it in. There also seems to be a significant…

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Innovation New Mining Manager Generation

New Generation of Miners Bring The Smarts Onboard

We are starting to see a new generation of mining managers taking a fresh broom to mining procurement. Historically mining procurement was always driven by the bottom line of the spreadsheet. The cheapest product would win the contract because the priority was all about keeping line item costs down. Lately, we’ve been noticing a different…

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Dewatering Pump Failure Mine

Reducing Dewatering Pump Failure In Underground Gold Mines

In this interview, a project supervisor talks about the issues he has experienced with the dewatering pumps in underground gold mining. He discusses how those problems were solved and the cost saving that strategy represents. How do you describe your operation? We are an underground gold mine. We’ve got some water to manage. We use…

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New Equipment Needed as Mining Operations Change

Mining companies are changing how they operate, and this will create demand for equipment designed specifically for the new conditions. Move Toward Brownfield Sites Currently, for a mine to go from greenfields explorational to an operational site producing income, can take as long as ten to fifteen years. Sometimes even longer. Before rigs can start…

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Mine Stabilisation Shotcrete

Global Travel Summary – Canada

I’ve just come back from meetings with people from the mining industry in Canada. I notice that Shotcrete is widely used in underground mining and appears to be regarded as the ground support system of the future. The opinions that were shared with me suggested that Shotcrete increases production, potentially because mining teams can get…

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Submersible Pump Clogged by Shotcrete Fibre - Impeller Detail

JetGuard Pump Is Frontline Defence for Mine Pump Systems

Yesterday I was inspecting a client’s underground mining site to find out more about the impact of Shotcrete fibres on their operation. I saw evidence that Shotcrete fibre mixed with wastewater has the potential to damage equipment well beyond the submersible dewatering pump. In particular, I saw helical rotor screens fitted to the hoppers to…

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