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PumpEng® is an Australian owned and operated business with a proud history of manufacturing and supplying submersible pumps to the underground and surface mining sector.

Our well-known Raptor® pumps and parts are Australian designed and manufactured.

We formed PumpEng® to improve the design of mass produced pump components for Australian operating conditions. We consulted with Australian maintenance and mining staff and used our own expertise gained through our long association with the mining industry.

We manufacture in small batch runs using special materials to allow for quick design changes so we can reduce operating and maintenance costs through innovative design.

Our results and long list of satisfied clients are testimony to this.


The owners of PumpEng® were the original Goldfields distributor of pumps and spares for the OEM, as well as an authorised repairer. Our business grew rapidly, eventually becoming a company with a multi million dollar turnover, before the OEM opened their own pump and spares branch in Kalgoorlie.

We refused to take this lying down, picked ourselves up, and started importing pumps and spare parts from overseas. After a couple of years the same OEM manufacturer bought our overseas supplier and closed the factory!

We had to make a decision. Do we walk away from this business or do we do something that will let us be in control of our own future? This led to the birth of our current company, PumpEng®, in 2005, and the creation of the Raptor pump range. We haven’t looked back since and have gone from strength to strength by building a brand that is consistent with outstanding quality products, excellent customer service, and most importantly, good ethics.

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Company Profile & Capability

Our Company Profile and Capability Statements provide an overview of our office locations (Perth, Kalgoorlie & Townsville), Vision, History, Philosophy, Plant & Equipment and an overview of our Product Range.

We are also members of the following associations:

Pump Industry Australia

Hire & Rental Industry Association LTD

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