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Raptor® Submersible Dewatering Pumps

The old faithful in underground / mine dewatering. For underground mining, surface mining, construction and general applications.

Parts interchangeable with traditional OEM BIBO ranges.

Models: 5 kW | 8 kW | 20 kW

3 Raptor underground mine dewatering pumps in 5kw 8kw and 20kw

Benefits of Raptor® for Mining Operations


Increase mine performance, productivity and profit by reducing breakdowns and delays.


Reduce workplace hazards by reducing the number of breakdowns.


Reduce equipment lifecycle cost by increasing total pump life.

Range Overview

The Raptor® submersible dewatering pump is available in the most commonly used underground mining sizes.

The Raptor® range of submersible pumps & Parts has been developed for mining dewatering applications in consultation with end users within the mining industry.

PumpEng® seeks to break the “take what you are given” design & manufacturing philosophy that exists with many large multinational pump manufacturers.

Our pump range is specifically designed for harsh mining conditions and as such they offer a multitude of operating and cost benefits.

PumpEng has experience troubleshooting problems and issues with submersible pumps.


A 5kw Raptor underground mine dewatering pump

5 kW Raptor®

The Raptor® 5 kW High Head Dewatering submersible pump offers a multitude of operating and cost saving benefits

The Raptor® 5 kW has a two part stator casing / junction box lid which reduces down time and on-going maintenance costs.

An 8kw Raptor underground mine dewatering pump

8 kW Raptor®

The 8 kW Raptor® is our most commonly supplied underground dewatering pump. Specifically designed for harsh mining conditions, this pump offer a multitude of operating and cost benefits.

A 20kw Raptor underground mine dewatering pump

20kW Raptor®

The Raptor 20 kW high head submersible dewatering pump is the 'old warrior' that has withstood the test of time.

There is no need to worry about supply or increasing spare parts inventory, all Raptor® pumps and parts are ex stock.

Power Curves (50 Hz & 60 Hz)

A diagram of the underground mine dewatering pump, Raptor's, power curve


ModelkWDischargeVoltageSolids Passage in mmMax Head in mMax Flow l/sMax Diameter mmHeight mmWeight kg
PE0512291550mm415 V8411535055057
PE0512491550mm600 V8411535055057
PE0512391550mm1000 V8411535055057
PE0812291880mm415 V87214380720105
PE0812491880mm600 V87214380720105
PE0812391880mm1000 V87214380720105
PE0812591880mm480 V87214380720105
PE201229120100mm415V 87439520765185
PE201249120100mm600 V87439520765185
PE201239120100mm1000 V87439520765185
PE201259120100mm480 V87439520765185

Motor Specifications
Insulation ClassClass F/H
Motor Power Details1000 V, 415 V 50 cycle
480 V, 600 V 60 cycle
Max Liquid TempFluid at 40º C
Max Submergence22 m

Pump Specifications
Impeller27 Chrome or CD4
Wear PartsPolyurethane Lined
Mechanical SealSic - Sic
BearingHeavy Duty Bearings
Outer JacketAluminium or Stainless Steel
ShaftStainless Steel