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Metal components in submersible pumps last longer than rubber and polyurethane.

Designed and built for the harshest conditions.

Pump ends bolt directly on Raptor series OEM equivalent submersibles.

Wet-end will not seize (melt) like rubber and urethanes tend to after running dry for extended periods.

No chance of sharp particle gravel or fibres tearing the rubber and urethanes that usually damage pumps.

High corrosion and erosion resistance due to either duplex stainless steel, or duplex white iron (impellers and wear plates) wetted metal parts.

Chemical resistance -not affected by oils/solvents like natural rubber and polyurethane.

Operates fully or partially submerged.

Better performance – less wear means longer operational life between repairs.

Manages Shotcrete poly fibres that mix with wastewater.

2 different sized PumpEng JetGuard underground mine dewatering pumps

JetGuard® has an all-metal wet end with a high chrome impeller, making it particularly suitable for environments with Shotcrete poly fibre in the wastewater.

The hydraulic water curtain guards against fibre entering the pump.

JetGuard is suitable for underground mining, surface mining and general dewatering applications. It is available in 10kW and 20kW in 415V, 600V and 1,000V. (50 or 60 Hz).

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2 different sized PumpEng Guardian underground mine dewatering pumps

No more pumps with rubber and polyurethane components.

The Guardian is an upgrade to the Raptor range. It incorporates an all-metal wet end together with the high chrome impeller which extends pump life and reduces repair costs.

The Guardian is available in 8 kW in 415V, 600V and 1,000V. (50 or 60Hz)

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PumpEng®  is an independent Australian company that designs, manufactures and services dewatering pumps for mining companies worldwide.

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