JetGuard® Submersible Shotcrete Dewatering Pumps

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The new leader in underground mine dewatering pumps with shotcrete management capability to help avoid clogged pumps. It is a heavy duty electro submersible pump with a high chrome impeller.

Two JetGuard underground mine dewatering pumps

Benefits of JetGuard® for Underground Mining Operations


Increase mine performance, productivity and profit by reducing breakdowns and delays.


Reduce workplace hazards by reducing the number of breakdowns.


Reduce equipment lifecycle cost by increasing total pump life.


20 kW

10 kW

20 kW

10 kW

Two JetGuard underground mine dewatering pumps

Power Curves (50Hz & 60Hz)

A diagram of the underground mine dewatering pump, JetGuard's, power curve

Why The JetGuard® Pump Range Is Better

Toughened - Metal Is Best

Internal components in the wetend are tough metal, not elastomer. Harsh operating environments in underground mines quickly destroy elastomer components, toughened steel components power on.

Productive - Less Downtime More Production

JetGuard has been designed for tough mine environments, to keep on pumping when traditional dewatering pumps might fail.
Less mining downtime, more production.


ModelkWDischargeVoltageSolids Passage in mmMax Head in mMax Flow l/sMax Diameter mmHeight mmWeight kg
JP10412911080 mm415 V55323358780140
JP10413911080 mm1000 V55323358780140
JP10414911080 mm600 V55323358780140
JP10415911080 mm480 V55323358780140
JP10417911080mm1000 V (60Hz)55323358780140
JP203129120100 mm415 V56037475787180
JP203139120100 mm1000 V56037475787180
JP203149120100 mm600 V56037475787180
JP203159120100 mm480 V56037475787180
JP203179120100 mm1000 V (60Hz)

Motor Specifications
Insulation ClassClass F/H
Motor Power Details1000 V, 415 V 50 cycle
600 V, 480 V 60 cycle
Max Liquid TempFluid at 40º C
Max Submergence22 m

Pump Specifications
Impeller27 Chrome
Wear Parts27 Chrome / CD4
Mechanical SealTC/TC/SS
BearingHeavy duty bearings
Outer JacketStainless Steel
ShaftStainless Steel