Underground Mine Operations Superintendent - Sumatra Copper & Gold, Sumatra

Working in the middle of Sumatran jungle has its challenges! PumpEng has been very professional and helpful and their Raptor pumps have proven themselves time and again!

Maintenance Superintendent – Cosmic Boy Concentrator, Western Areas WA

We trialed a Scat5.5 submersible in our harshest floor sump environment under our crushing circuit.

Not only did the pump last 100% longer but greatly increased the ease of replacement due to its smaller size over the previous vertical cantilever pump.

We are now in the process of installing these Scat5.5 pumps all around our plant with positive feedback from maintenance and operations.

Project Manager – Major Australian Mining Contractor WA

We have struggled getting electricians to site, and as pumps are a very important tool in mining, when PumpEng brought the Service Exchange proposal to us, the benefits stood out to everyone concerned. We love the fact that our pumps are repaired to our specifications and are ready to take straight down the hole.

PumpEng have supplied additional pumps, free of charge, to support our own fleet when in their workshop. Additionally, we get cost and maintenance analysis reports regularly that give us an outline as to which sumps require attention.

Underground Mining Manager – Mid-tier Gold Producer, Kalgoorlie, WA

We initially were buying Raptor spares and repairing our pumps on site, however once PumpEng showed us the Service Exchange proposal we signed up straight away, and utilizing this for over 12 months. Once the initial bugs were ironed out we have consistently reduced our maintenance costs, and increased the reliability of our fleet.

The feedback and customer service we have received from PumpEng also keeps us ahead of any issues

Electrical Supervisor – Major Gold Producer, Kalgoorlie, WA

Once our previous incumbent supplier changed the design of their pumps, and this new design became a hindrance, we looked for an alternative pump supplier to provide a quality product to site. After a couple of failed adventures we found PumpEng, and the Raptor range, and learnt the benefits of the design improvements this Australian Made product has brought to the mining scene.

Besides these pumps being made here, the quality of the materials used to manufacture the spares have impressed our electricians and miners. The stand out for us has been the warranty for the Stainless Steel Outer Casing, which was an issue previously, and subsequently we have included these as a store stock item

Underground Mining Manager – Base Metals producer, NSW

Listening to our issues and providing solutions to specific requirements, has assisted us in forming a close relationship with PumpEng, and their local repairer, which has reduced our repair costs for a couple problem sumps.

The Ni-Resist parts that have been added to the standard Raptor have provided a major reduction in downtime, and costs, related to these sumps. This has shown us that PumpEng are not just here to sell, but work with us to achieve better results

Underground Foreman – Copper Mine, Qld

Some of our sumps were eating the standard aluminium pump in a matter of days!! We were hesitant, initially, to look at Ni-Resist, due to cost, however once we sat down and did a cost analysis we decided to purchase 2 only 8kW Ni-Resist Raptors.

We are also now enquiring about the 20kW unit as the success we have had with these 2 pumps is astounding.

Underground Foreman – Gold Mine, Ireland

We searched the world for an alternative to the new design our supplier was giving us and found the Raptor on the web.

These had to be rewound to 660V to meet local requirements, and although shipping took longer than anticipated, we are pleased to have 5 of the 20kW Raptors now running in our gold mine

Electrical Superintendent – Gold Mine, Indonesia

The cost of spare parts for our pumps from our initial supplier started to increase rapidly, and forced us to look at alternatives. We had previously spoken with PumpEng, and were impressed with their improvements and knowledge, and initially used the 8 and 20kW Raptors for our new mine.

When our spare part costs became prohibitive we changed all our store stock items to Raptor part numbers and haven’t looked back. PumpEng have visited site and offered training on site, which has shown us they are here for the long haul

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