The PumpEng Way

PumpEng works closely with the industry to continually improve underground dewatering.

Our purpose is to provide a Good Day at Work for your people by guiding them to Use the Right Pump for the Job so that pumps don’t fail. A pump that doesn’t require replacement and repair generates benefits beyond just reducing maintenance cost. It also means that you limit the number of times an operator needs to interact with water and electricity.

There’ll also be a reduction in labour costs and the potential for production delays. All these benefits have significant implications for your underground mining operation.

Our approach is The PumpEng Way.

The PumpEng Way is a step by step process to identify the right tough submersible pump for the job. We work with:

Mine Owner-Operators

Process Plants 

Major Mining Contractors

Hard Rock Underground Construction Companies

1. Explore Options

  • Our Data
  • About You

2. Inspect Site

  • Your Data
  • The Dewatering System

3. Present Solutions

  • Analyse Data
  • Data-based Solutions

4. Sustainable Improvement

  • Form A Partnership
  • Quarterly Data Report
A PumpEng employee wearing a high-vis uniform and hard hat standing in an underground mine with a downwards red triangle painted on the wall for underground mine pump identification
Product Combo of PumpEng's underground mine dewatering pumps - JetGuard, Guardian and Raptor

Right Pump for the Job Selection Guide

PumpEng recommends that a PumpEng Representative assists with the selection of the pump prior to the installation to avoid incorrect pump selection and possible damage to the pump.

“PumpEng met the criteria in terms of communication, feedback and ideas. We could learn as a company from them. Importantly I’ve had a higher usage rate from the pumps which meant less downtime.”

Electrical & Dewatering Coordinator
Agnew Gold Mine Australasia
PumpEng worker demonstrating the PumpEng Triangle Guide for mining pump identification

The Journey To A Good Day At Work

“Not only did the pump last 100% longer, but it greatly increased the ease of replacement due to its smaller size compared to the previous vertical cantilever pump.”

Maintenance Superintendent,
Cosmic Boy Concentrator
PumpEng graphic depicting everything needed to have a good day at work starting with the underground mine dewatering pumps.