Frequently Asked Questions


Is the performance of the Raptor® the same as other brands?

Yes, when comparing performance curves, the Raptor® pump curve is the same, and has the advantage of holding the curve for a longer period due to its lower wear rates.

Are the Raptor® parts interchangeable with other brands?

Yes, the Raptor® parts are 100% interchangeable with other brands. Some parts have been improved to increase reliability and longevity of parts which increases the life and effectiveness of the pump.

What size cable can I fit to the pump?

Most cable sizes can be fitted to our Raptor® from 2.5mm up to 241.1 cable.


What servicing schedule can I sign up for?

We can tailor make any servicing schedule to suit your site and reporting needs, from a low cost direct supply to site to a full priority capped service program.

How do I know I won’t be over serviced?

We guarantee not to over service you by capping your repair cost.

Does PumpEng® service and repair other submersible pump brands?

Yes, with the expertise that PumpEng® has, we can repair other brands of submersible pumps.


Can I hire submersible pumps from PumpEng®?

We hire out all the submersible pumps in our range with the exception of the JetGuard® pumps.

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