CorroTuff® Submersible Dirty Water Pump


Submersible dirty water pump designed to handle requirements typically encountered on construction and building sites.


PumpEng®, after consultation with the Australian Civil & Mining Industry, now introduces its new range of submersible dirty water pumps, the “CorroTuff® Pump”.

Product Details

The CorroTuff® Pump has been designed to efficiently pump dirty water from many types of duties from seepage sumps on tails dams to excavations below the water table to ballast pumping on barges.

CorroTuff®  is a small, robust pump capable of all the hard knocks and bumps that can occur on site. With six sizes to choose from, three 240v which all come with float switches and three 415v units, all to handle the heavy work, there is one to suit your requirements.


  • General Water Transfer
  • Dirty Water Handling for Construction & Building Sites
  • Flooded Basements
  • Tunnel Construction
  • Confined Working Areas
  • Abattoirs
  • Power Stations
  • Paper mills
  • Food Processing

Key Benefits

  • Silicon carbide mechanical seal in oil bath
  • IP-68 rated
  • Class F windings
  • Auto-cut (overheat & overload)
  • 240v units with float switches
  • Smaller against its competitors
  • Long life bearings
  • Stainless steel outer casing, lid and strainer
  • Cast iron wet end with channel impeller
  • Temperature capability to 40°