Raptor® 5kW Parts List with Flygt®* BS 2102.041 Cross Reference

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Item #DescriptionFlygt Part #Raptor Part #
15kw Impeller key80670105130001
3Bearing Cover Bolt81409005120003
4Junction Cover Bolt81410405120004
5Cable Entry Bolt81410605120005
6Outer Casing Bolt81410805120006
8Impeller Bolt81429005120008
9Oil Housing Inspection Screw303440205130009
10Oil Housing screw82118405120010
14M10 Nut82235805120014
15Suction Cover 1/2 nut82255805120015
16M8 Washer82351605120016
17M10 Washer82351805120017
18M20 Washer82352505120018
19Bearing Washer82440905120019
20Combination Lock Washer (inc item 22)3381303 & 334690005120020
21Nylon Washer82504605120021
22Included in item 20Included in item 20inc in item 20
24O-Ring--Junction Box lid82742005100024
25O-Ring--Bearing Housing/Stator Casing82749205100025
26O-Ring--Oil Housing82749305100026
27O-Ring--Upper Bearing82779505100027
28O-Ring--Inspection Screw82738205100028
29Lower Bearing83369005100029
30Upper Bearing83324508100122
31Suction Cover Stud84461505120031
32Earth Plate screw81734205120032
335kw earth plate83500005100033
345kw Spacer Pipe Spring288610005100034
42Mech Seal upper & lower399260405128042
42AMechanical Seal drive pinN/A05128042A
44Impeller Nut338730005120044
45Outer Casing Plug3160300N/A
465kw Stator Casing3944801-see kit price05190046
46AJunction Box3944801-see kit price05190046A
46BM10 Bolt-Stator Casing/Junction BoxNTS05190046B
46CO-Ring--Junction Box/Stator casingNTS05190046C
475kw Pump Carry Handle337110105190047
48Oil housing538080105191048
50Complete Rotor Assembly337240005100050
50AReplaceable Rotor ShaftN/A05100050A
51Bearing Cover373170005190051
52Bearing Housing Lower538090005190052
535kw Outer Casing-Stainless Steel433610005630053
545kw Strainer373200005100054
55Spacer Nut337400005120055
56Diffuser stud337410205120056
575kw Impeller Shim 0.3334710005120057
57A5kw Impeller Shim 1.5334710105120057A
59Suction cover337230105291059
61Stator 415v460954405200061
61AStator 1000v460955505200061A
61BProtective Motor Cable SheathN/A05200061B
70Wear protection549000005101070
71Junction Box Cover/lid545320005190071
72Cable entry16-22mm394770105190072
77Sleeve Washer 14-16mm82405508120027
77ASleeve Washer 16-18mm82405708120027A
77BSleeve Washer 18- 20mm82405908120027B
77CSleeve Washer 20-22mm82406008120027C
78Seal Sleeve 14-16mm84353208102031
78ASeal Sleeve 16-18mm84353308102031A
78BSeal Sleeve 18- 20mm84353408102031B
78CSeal Sleeve 20-22mm84353508102031C
87Spring Washer82351605120087
90Spacer Tube373210005120090
91Lead ThroughNTS08102063
KitsO-ring kit80325305OK
KitsRepair kit601900305RK
KitsComplete lid kit (no cable entry or handle)N/A05190046LK
KitsFlygt Stator casing change out Kit394480105190046SK