What Maintenance Teams Say About ScatPump

The Cosmic Boy Concentrator treats raw nickel ore using a three-stage crushing circuit. These comments came directly from Troy Boyles, the Maintenance Superintendent for the Cosmic Boy Concentrator.

ScatPump Trial

Submersible Pump Maintenance 7.5kW SCAT Jaw CrusherWe trialled a ScatPump 5.5 submersible pump in our harshest floor sump environment under our crushing circuit. Not only did the pump last 100% longer, but it greatly increased the ease of replacement due to its smaller size compared to the previous vertical cantilever pump. We are now in the process of installing these ScatPump 5.5 pumps all around our plant, with positive feedback from maintenance and operations.”

This type of feedback is so valuable to the design team who worked on the ScatPump. The design team were particularly keen to take on board feedback from maintenance crews about what was needed. They are particularly pleased that our efforts to ensure a longer pump life are achieving the objective – 100% longer pump life is a great result.

We are also pleased that this smaller pump size means that when a pump does eventually need to be replaced, this can happen with greater ease for the maintenance team.

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