ScatPump Performance Reviewed In Gold Mining Trial

This is an interview with the Maintenance Superintendent for a gold plant about the recent trial of PumpEng ScatPumps on in his plant.

Scatpump Review Gold Mine Plant PumpHow do you describe your operation?

We’re just a standard gold plant. We crush the rocks to pour in gold.

What were the problems you were having with your old pumps?

They weren’t lasting because of the conditions and the applications. They just weren’t lasting very long.

Why did you decide to go with ScatPumps and PumpEng?

We searched online and considered a few options. PumpEng were prepared to give us a trial. That trial has been successful.

How many pumps do you currently have?


Where do you use them?

We use them in the mill discharge sump and in the gravity sump. We’ve also got a Scatpump for our main feed conveyor, and also one in our belt room.

How would you describe their performance?

Oh, they’ve been magic. That’s why we’ve just trialled one in the gold room. We’ve only just put this one in. They’ve been great.

How do you find the exchange program?

We had a 22-kilowatt pump the other day that we exchanged and it was back within a week. It was magic. It’s definitely a better option for us.

What are the main benefits for you?

Well, lead time. The pumps performance is magic, it’s good. Exchange turnaround is quick.

How would you describe the PumpEng customer service?

I found your people in Perth very easy to get on with. We’ve just had one of your reps here the other day and they’ve been great.

What sort of feedback are you getting from your crew?

It’s been good. Costs are down, pumps are easy to instal, and the life we’re getting from the pumps is great. We nearly doubled the life we were getting from the one in the gravity sump.

The performance we were getting from the ScatPump that we are using in our mill sump has actually let us lower the kilowatt rating on one of the pumps and allowed us to put in a smaller pump. This works out better for handing which is a safety factor.

What would you say to someone who’s thinking about engaging PumpEng and putting in their pump range?

I’d say you’re mad if you don’t. What’ve you got to lose? They offer a free trial, why would you not do it? There’s no hidden costs, and there’s no Catch 22, there’s no contract so why wouldn’t you do it?

I think PumpEng have got a winning product and I congratulate them. They’ve done well. The service exchange is the way to go. The whole company is very easy to deal with. I’m glad we found PumpEng. We appreciate their services.

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