ScatPump Slashes Maintenance Costs for Brick Manufacturer

In this interview, the Maintenance Manager for an Australian brick manufacturer describes the efficiency gains in switching over to ScatPump for pumping wastewater in their wash bays.

Can you tell me about your operation?

We are an Australian company. We manufacture pavers, bricks, masonry, and stone blocks for residential and commercial use. I’m the Maintenance Manager working in our paver production plant.

What were the problems that you were having with your old pumps?

We had been using a pneumatic pump in a tough environment. Every week we’d have to recondition this pump and replace parts. It was really expensive to buy those spare parts for it. That’s why I decided to switch over to ScatPump from PumpEng. That’s been a really good decision for us.

How would you describe the performance of the PumpEng pumps?

The PumpEng pump lasted five to six months in our system before it needed maintenance. That is a big change from the weekly maintenance events for the pneumatic pumps costing us $400 every time.

When we finally had the ScatPump maintained, after around six months, it cost us between $600 – $700. That is a huge saving from the weekly maintenance bill we’d had to pay up until then. As well as that, we are saving time and human resources because there are less pump failures and replacements that we have to manage.

How many pumps do you have there?

I now have two ScatPumps in operation.

Can you describe where you use them?

We use them in our wash bay because we have a washed product and an unwashed product. The pumps are in use for our washed product wash bay.

How would you describe the customer service from PumpEng?

The service he provides is consistently really good. Orders are delivered on time.

What would you say to someone who is switching to PumpEng for their dewatering pumps?

I can recommend PumpEng, specifically their ScatPump, for anyone looking for a new pumping system. We’ve been pleased with pump performance, efficient customer service and the time and money we’ve been able to save by switching over to this new pumping system.

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