Smart ScatPump Mini Performs Well For Heavy Dewatering

Graeme Maxwell has worked as a drainage specialist for forty years, including running his own drainage business. For the last five years, he has been engaged by the City of Cockburn as a Leading Hand Drainer in charge of all drainage works in the Shire. In this interview, Graeme describes his experience deploying PumpEng ScatPump submersible Slurry Pumps.

What were the problems you were having with your old pumps?

The impellers were chewing up all the time. They just weren’t suitable for the work conditions. We couldn’t get the suction we wanted.

Why did you decide to try the PumpEng pumps?

My supervisor thought it’d be wise to give PumpEng a go. I’m very glad that he did.

You’re using the Smart ScatPump Mini pumps. How many do you currently have?

We have two currently, one has a four-inch discharge, and the other one has a three-inch discharge.

Where do you use them?

They’re both being used in manholes which are constantly filling with water. These are located in Atwell, a very low-lying area. The pumps are coping very well.

Could you describe their performance?

I’ve had no trouble with them at all. After six months, I had to lift one up because it had a large piece of paperbark lodged in it. That was the only problem and it was easy to rectify. The pumps have accessible Allen key screws, making it easy to take the cover off. I could just take the bark out and away she went again. So yes, very good performance and easy maintenance.

How would you describe PumpEng customer service?

Very good.

Do you get feedback from any of the other crew?

Yes. Crew members who used the other pumps are very pleased with the new ones. We haven’t had any complications with them at all. This is especially impressive because of the type of water that we’re draining out.  It’s very dark and heavy water. The pumps are really taking that well.

What would you say to someone thinking about switching over to PumpEng for their de-watering pumps?

I’ve already recommended PumpEng to several people including a couple of plumbers. I’ve got a friend, who’s got a contract over in Garden Island and I’m recommending PumpEng to him. If we have to use any more pumps we’ll definitely go with PumpEng for sure. The pumps can handle tough conditions, and there is an efficient response if we ever need anything.

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