PumpEng Post Exchange
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The PumpEng ScatPump exchange program saves our clients money and downtime on site. It also saves them spending on onsite labour needed to fix broken pumps.

How It Works

A client has a pump that breaks; they usually have a back-up which they put in the pit. They send the pump needing repair down to us. We either send a brand-new replacement pump or a completely refurbished pump straight back to them at 40% less than a new one would usually cost. This is usually a same day dispatch.

We recently had a client come to us to try out the exchange program. They were repairing their pumps on site, and it got too much for them. They asked what we had to offer. Now, we've already done about six or seven exchange pumps for them.


Another client has told us this exchange program has halved their costs due to the repairs and production downtime. On their site, a pump break down meant there was no water going through their system. They would be forced to shut down their whole operation.

Now they can pull a pump out and put a new one back in. We can arrange a same day dispatch of the replacement. If you'd like to find out more about the ScatPump exchange program, please give us a call.

Want More Information On The ScatPump® Exchange Program?